30 x 23 x 12 cms Paper Carriers - 12 Colours - Twisted handles

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Price from: £25.00

The Paper Carriers with Twisted Handles (30cms high, 23cms wide and 12cms deep) are available in packs of 50 in the following colours:- Red (Ref 39K3008) - Dark Blue (Ref 39K3009) - Dark Green (Ref 39K3010)                 Natural (Ref 39K3001) - Cream (Ref 39K3013) - White (Ref 39K3003) - Pink (Ref 39K3005) - Parma (Ref 39K3014) Blue (Ref 39K3007) - Green (Ref 39K3004) - Grey (Ref 39K3011) - Black (Ref 39K3006).

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