Brick Trays

Product Ref: See Below

Price from: £6.00

The Brick Trays are available in single, double and triple brick size and in the following colours:-

Single Brick Trays are 25 x 13 x 3cm  in White (Ref 4009) - Black (Ref 4010) or

Green (Ref 4011) and available in packs of 25.

Double Brick Trays are 49 x 12 x 3cm in Black (REF 4105) - Green (Ref 4107) or

Clear (Ref 4109) and available in packs of 10.

Triple Brick Trays are 75 x 12 x 3cm in Green (Ref 4710) or Black (Ref 4711) and available  in packs of 5.

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