Bullion Wire - 25gm

Product Ref: See below

Price from: £1.40

The Bullion Wire, 25gm (approximately 30m), is available on individual reels in the following colours:-

Gold (Ref 7773), Silver (Ref 7786), Copper (Ref 7788), Lime Green (Ref 7796), Lilac/Purple (Ref 7797),            Strong Pink (Ref 7798), Red (Ref 77716), Turquoise (Ref 77717), Rose (Ref 77728), Raspberry (Ref 77708),       Black (Ref 40-00031), Mint (Ref 77719), Dark Green (Ref WR4710), Navy Blue (Ref No Code).

The following colours (marked with an * on the drop down table) have been discontinued but are available as long as existing stocks last :-

Lavender (Ref 77714), Dark Brown (Ref 77510), Snow White (Ref 77709), Soft Lilac (Ref 77509), Lemon (Ref 77712), Orange (Ref 77715), Ice Blue (Ref 77718).

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