Blossom Tint Dusting Colours

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These powder colours can be used in three ways.  Their main use is for brushing onto sugarwork and in particular flowers.  They may also be mixed directly into sugar paste, or brushed onto sugar flowers to give a truly realistic appearance or to fully colour or highlight surface decoration.  Powder colour can also be used to colour sugar paste, Royal icing and White Chocolate.

The colours available, in 7 ml containers, are as follows:-

Apple Green (Ref No 5400FC) - Apricot (Ref No 5417FC) - Aubergine (Ref No 5389) - Autumn Gold (Ref No 5386) Black (Ref No 5410FC)  Brown (Ref No 5399) - Burgundy (Ref No 5392) - Buttermilk (Ref No 53776)                     Champagne (Ref No 5415FC) - Chocolate (Ref No 53773) - Cornish Cream (Ref No 53779) - Cream (Ref No 5396) Dusky Pink (Ref No 5383) - Egg Yellow (Ref No 5397) - Emerald (Ref No 5390) - Eucalyptus (Ref No 5381)                 Foliage Green (Ref No 5421FC) - Forest Green (Ref No 5393) - Ice Blue (Ref No 5403FC) - Jade (Ref No 5401FC) Lemon Yellow (Ref No 5395) - Moss Green (Ref No 5402FC) - Navy Blue (Ref No 5394)                                         Nutkin Brown (Ref No 5420FC) - Ocean Blue (Ref No 53772) - Peach (Ref No 5413FC) - Petal Blue (Ref No 53774) Poppy Red (Ref No 5382) - Primrose (Ref No 5416FC) - Red (Ref No 5408FC) - Rose (Ref No 5407FC)                     Ruby (Ref No 53771) - Shadow Grey (Ref No 5385) - Skin Tone (Ref 5409FC) - Spring Green (Ref No 5391) Tangerine (Ref No 5398) - Terracotta (Ref No 53770) - White (Ref No 5411FC) - Woodland Green (Ref No 53775)

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