Decorators Glitter

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Price from: £2.30

Extra fine non-toxic, non-edible glitter provides an easy way to add a professional, glamorous touch to sugarcraft creations. The following colours are available in 17g gross weight containers:-

Hologram Blue (Ref No 54998) - Hologram Lavender (Ref No 54999) - Hologram Black (Ref No 54892)  

Hologram Gold (Ref no 54976) - Hologram Silver ( Ref No 54977) - Hologram White (Ref No 54978)

Hologram Graphite (Ref No 54996) - Hologram Pink (Ref No 54997) - Hologram Orange (Ref No 548900)

Hologram Red (Ref No 54891).

Jewel Twinkle White (Ref No 54985) - Jewel Cherry Red (Ref No 55022) - Jewel Raspberry (Ref No 55001)

Jewel Moss Green (Ref No 55024).

Graphite Green (Ref No 55018) - Pearl Lemon (Ref No 27M-PC103) - Pearl Crushed Pine (Ref No 27M-PP104)

Metallic Gold Treasure (Ref No 27M-LS106) - Metallic Silver Glow (Ref No 27M-SG108)

Starlight Purple Planet (Ref No 27M-LS104) - Iridescent Green Fusion (Ref No 27M-GF106)

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