Edible Lustre Colours

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These lustrous powders may be brushed onto sugarwork, or mixed with Rejuvenator Spirit or Confectioners Glaze for painting.  The colours available are in 2g packs as follows:-

Radiant Gold (Ref No 54401) - Pearl White (Ref No 54403) - Snowflake (Ref No 54404)                                                 Antique Silver (Ref No 54405) - Satin Silver (Ref No 54406) - Copper Sheen (Ref No 54407)                                     Bronze Splendour (Ref No 54408) - Sherry (Ref No 54409) - Claret Wine (Ref No 54410)                                         Shimmer Pink (Ref No 54411) - Glacier Blue (Ref No 54412) - Dusky Lilac (Ref No 54413)                                       Lemon Ice (Ref No 54414) - Silky Peach (Ref No 54415) - Red Sparkle (Ref No 54416)                                               Frosty Holly (Ref No 54417) - Pearl Ivory (Ref No 54419) - Royal Gold (Ref No 54420)                                                     Pastel Gold (Ref No 54421) Antique Gold (Ref No 54422)

Confectionery Glaze - Confectionery Cleaner and Rejuvenator Fluid are also listed as they may be used with the Lustre Colours.

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