Paste Colours 20g

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This range of paste colours is designed for colouring sugar paste, marzipan and flower pastes. All these paste colours are glycerine free and are therefore recommended for run outs and flower work where complete drying is necessary. The colours are in 20g packs and available as follows:-

Fuschia (Ref No 5803B) - Rose (Ref No 5801B) - Mint (Ref No 5810B) - Bluegrass (Ref No 5814B)

Hydrangea (Ref No 5811B) - Edelweiss (Ref No 5813B) - Hyacinth (Ref No 5808B) - Bluebell (Ref No 5807B) Blackberry (Ref No 5828B). 

Icing Whitener - Superwhite (Ref No 5300) - is available in a 20g pack.

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